mappatura palermo stazione centrale

Design by Restoration

Since the enactment of Decree 42 of 2004, which requires the signature of the restorer for interventions on cultural property in Italy, Estia has been involved in numerous project activities. Over the past 10 years, Estia has developed more than 60 restoration projects of works of art, decorated surfaces or stone elements, some of them particularly complex, such as the monumental heritage damaged by the earthquakes that hit central Italy in 1997-2009 -2016.

More recent projects with a high degree of complexity include the restoration project of all the exterior facades of the Palermo Central Monumental Station and the restoration project of all the exterior surfaces of the Lido monumental complex in Milan, consisting of numerous pavilions and characterized by a strong multidisciplinary nature due to the strong urban, architectural, and botanical implications. Estia is particularly involved in the application and development of procedures for the consolidation and protection of stone materials with products of mineral origin (see the innovative method of applying ammonium oxalate to Monza Cathedral). Operational activity on important monuments has enabled the development of important relationships with outside professionals and companies so as to form a chain of excellence in restoration.

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