Duomo – Monza

Restoration of the facade and interior counter-facade

The massive pollution of the last century along with the specific microclimate of Lombardy, which is often characterized by dense fog, had caused significant damage to the stones on the facade. Thanks to the efforts of a multidisciplinary team directed by Estia srl and Prof. Mauro Matteini the surfaces were researched from the standpoint of both material characterization and reaction to different types of treatment. Investigations were focused on two phases: consolidation (using Di-Ammonium Phosphate) and protection (using Ammonium Oxalate with a spray approach capable of making the protection action easier and more effective than the conventional one). In addition, the Restoration also involved the exterior counter façade, where in addition to the stone material there were pictorial decorations on the plasterwork.

See the video summary of the intervention

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