Grego Theater – Syracuse

Pilot intervention

The interventions were carried out in the portion of the Greek Theater of Syracuse and made it possible to verify the consistency of the original materials in place. It allowed us to draw some considerations regarding the actions to be taken for a better conservation of the monument.

It was found that the current dynamics of stone degradation are triggered by several factors that, individually or added together, contribute to the deterioration of the artifact.

Among them they play a major role:

(a) Exposure to the elements.

(b) The geo-morphological characteristics of the artifact.

(c) Anthropogenic use

Aware of how delicate and difficult the choices that reconcile the needs of preservation and enjoyment of this classical-age monument are. We believe it is appropriate that such an issue be addressed in a debate that goes beyond partisan logic and aprioristic choices to reach shared solutions that lead to the achievement of a conscious use of the monument. What has been done in the emergency intervention on the wedge of the treat has made it possible to test the validity of the design hypotheses and fine-tune some interventions. The results of this work will be evaluated over time.

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