Hegra Conservation Project – Saudi Arabia

Study of the state of conservation of Nabataean tombs

In early November 2023, our team, assisted by highly qualified professionals in different subject areas, began work on a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the Hegra tombs. Through careful observation and innovative diagnostic analyses, it will be possible to study in depth construction materials, execution techniques, and critical issues in order to develop a respectful and sustainable conservation strategy.

Specifically, the study will include:

  • Survey of rock monuments using advanced technologies, including laser scanning and photogrammetry.
  • Conduct scientific investigations to analyze stone materials, assess degradation processes, and develop specific conservation techniques.
  • Environmental monitoring and condition assessment of monumental surfaces.
  • Detailed analysis and mapping by experienced restorers to assess the conservation status of surfaces.
  • Implementation of a GIS computer system for efficient and integrated data management.

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