Madonna and Child – Trapani

Marble sculpture restoration

The Madonna and Child preserved in the Sanctuary of the Annunziata in Trapani is a work of artistic merit and great veneration. The authorship of the sculpture is assigned to Nino Pisano and is made of Carrara marble. Remnants of gilding and traces of polychromy document the execution technique in aspects of surface finish as well. The numerous movements of the sculpture during processions have resulted in more than one fall with negative outcomes. The hands of the Madonna and the arms of the Child were reassembled during old restorations. The restoration, conducted with the assistance of a Technical Committee with representatives of the Opificio Pietre Dure, included numerous investigations of the type: laser scanner scanning, georadar, radiography, ultrasonic survey, magnetometer survey, chemical analysis, and calculation of the structure for verification of resistance to seismic stress

Restauro Beni Culturali