Normal School – Pisa

Restoration of the stone coats of arms of the Order of St. Stephen

The restoration involved the coats of arms of the knights of the Order of St. Stephen found in the Caravan Building , home of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. The design of the Palazzo della Carovana was presented by Vasari to Cosimo I° dei Medici in 1562, and as early as 1564 the knights of the Order of St. Stephen occupied its rooms. Over time, the palace was enriched with coats of arms that became the constant decorative element of the corridors and halls. There are a total of 458 coats of arms and each bears in addition to the family emblem, in the name of the knight to whom it belonged and the year. Restoration was carried out by disassembling all coats of arms from their locations with reassembly upon completion of the work. Restoration operations mainly involved removal of oxidized varnish, fixing of the detached pictorial film from its support, pictorial integration, and protection. The entire intervention was documented by complete archiving of all work phases using the computer system called SICAR.

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