Sciacca Gallery – Rome

Restoration of wall paintings

The wall paintings of Galleria Sciarra, located in Rome, inside the building that is now the headquarters of the Bank of Rome, between Via Minghetti and Via dell’Oratorio, are executed with the technique of dry wall painting using a binder of an organic nature in the year 1885, by painter Giuseppe Cellini. The Gallery, a court of an aristocratic palace built in the late 19th century, exemplifying has a rectangular floor plan. On the two short sides it presents the entrances, consisting of the atria. The inner elevation facing Minghetti Street, the main entrance, consists of two foreparts placed to the right and left of the opening itself. The pictorial surfaces under consideration correspond to 1,500 sq. m. The pictorial work was carried out on all walls and ceilings, as a result, the two entrance halls and the four interior elevations, consisting of five floors, appear to be covered in their entirety by paintings, which, can be considered divided in height into three registers.

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