Restauro crocifisso ligneo

St. Mary Major Church – Assisi

Wooden crucifix restoration

The crucifix is located in the apse of Assisi’s Major Church and dates back to the 18th century. The sculpture consists of a wooden structure completed in the modeling by chalked canvas and painted with tempera colors and showed numerous lifts in the polychromy. Close observation of the backside showed very substantial detachments between contiguous areas of modeling attributable to a material inhomogeneity of the sculpture’s constituent material. The sculpture was disassembled from the supporting cross, to which it appeared to be attached with a hook at the back and through nails on the hands and feet. The restoration was performed within our laboratory. The objective of the intervention was to reinforce the structure at all weak points by bonding and applying inserts to fill the currently open gaps. A cleaning was performed to remove previous repainting and to finish a pictorial integration to fill in the gaps present.

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