Ursino Castle Museum – Catania

Restoration of sculpture collection from the Greek and Roman periods

The Ursino Castle Museum is one of the most important in Sicily for the richness and variety of its collections. The main body of the sculpture collection consists of the “Biscari and Benedictine” collections, donated to the City of Catania. There are many works from the Roman period, among them the colossal torso from the 1st century AD stands out for its size and quality. No less valuable, however, are the sculptures depicting Venus and Hercules or the head of Ephebus from the 5th century B.C. period.

To the collection of Greek and Roman works for no. 62 pieces, contracted by the City of Catania, follows a valuable collection from the Renaissance and Baroque periods of no. 31 pieces, noteworthy is the statue depicting Prince Biscari by Antonio Calì. For this second batch of works, the contract was managed by the Cultural Heritage Superintendency of Catania.

Restauro Beni Culturali