Villa Caprile – Pesaro

Restoration of wall paintings, statues and marble busts in the park

Villa Caprile, in the vicinity of Pesaro, is a splendid example of a stately home with an Italianate garden. It was erected in the mid-seventeenth century by Marquis Giovanni Mosca with the intention of building a summer residence intended for recreation and entertainment. The interior rooms on the main floor are embellished with fine frescoes. The first body of paintings is referable to the painter Giulio Cesare Begni (1579-1659) of these paintings a description from 1683 is preserved in the Pesaro State Archives. Following a 1763 expansion project three rooms were destroyed, and in the following years 1797 Gimignani was called in to renovate the decorative apparatus. The property is currently in use by the Institute of Agriculture. The restoration work, sponsored by the relevant Superintendent’s Office, involved all interior wall paintings and marble statues and busts in the park.

Restauro Beni Culturali