Villa Romana del Casale – Piazza Armerina

Restoration of mosaic pavements

The Roman villa del Casale is a late Roman villa whose remains are located in the vicinity of Enna; since 1997 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The date ranges from about 320 to 370 AD. The villa is particularly well known both in Italy and abroad for the extensive presence of Roman mosaics, about 3,500 sq. m. The villa was brought back to light after the war by Vinicio Gentili. The monument was then covered by a glass and metal structure to preserve the surviving materials. The deterioration of the roof and the serious state of conservation of the mosaics motivated the current restoration. The restoration allowed for an integral intervention on the site involving the redoing of the roofs, restoration of the mosaic surfaces,stone and marble parts, and the pictorial parietal decorations. The current intervention complemented previous conservation operations, already initiated by the same company Estia, with two separate batches of intervention to the mosaics of the peristyle and the “Girls in Bikinis” in 1995-96 and 1996-97.

Intervention carried out within the OBC Consortium ( companies: Martino S. R. Cooperativa Archeologia- D.P Restauri- ESTIA srl).

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